Hydroelectric Generator/Turbine Pit Inspection


SURVICE Metrology is routinely tasked with providing 3D measurements of all embedded components in a vertical hydroelectric generator pit.  In a time span which is typically two shifts, our team collects a set of 3D point coordinates from which the circularity, concentricity, and verticality of critical components is established.  Our report leads subsequent machining and repair processes which re-center and re-plumb the hydroelectric generator and turbine.  To date, SURVICE Metrology has provided dozens of such inspections to the hydroelectric industry.

AICON 3D Studio, FARO Insight
  • Hang targets (2-4 hours)
  • Assign benchmark elevations (4 hours, laser)
  • Collect photographs (2-4 hours)
  • Process photographs (1.5 hours)
  • Reclaim targets and artifacts (2 hours)
  • Perform analysis and generate report (on-site or off-site, 3-4 hours)

The digital photogrammetry system offers the portability, rapid data collection, and high-redundancy measurements required for this task.  A hand-held camera makes the measurements.  Other systems require firm mounting locations and may need to be broken down and moved between pit elevations.  Other systems do not measure each point dozens of times.  When steel will be cut based on a measurement, it is good to have high redundancy on the measurement!  

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