Case Studies

ABRAMS Case Study Thumb
SURVICE METROLOGY was tasked by the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) to conduct an expedited target exploitation, and reverse engineering effort to produce a high-resolution geometric...
Aicon DPA-Pro System - Antenna Measurement Case Study Image
Determine the deformation of 24 ft diameter antenna dish due to solar heating effects.
Stator field images
Install stacking bars quickly and accurately.
Hydroelectric Generator/Turbine Pit Inspection Thumb
Inspect all embedded pit features in two shifts.
Mark IV Tank Case Study Image
Capture the dimensional condition of the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum’s World War I Mark IV tank to support restoration efforts.
MRAP Cougar Reverse Engineering
SURVICE METROLOGY was tasked by the USMC, which had an urgent need/requirement to generate as-built 3-D geometric models for various MRAP vehicle variants.
The Sphinx of Hatshepsut Case Study Image
Record detailed surface geometric models of a priceless artifact.
USGA Case Study Image
Determine United States Golf Association (USGA) conformance prior to formal submission for approval.