3-D Modeling and Geometric Conversion: Associated Content

SURVICE Metrology uses the latest data processing, modeling, and CAD software packages to develop detailed solid, surface, and/or hybrid 3-D models in a variety of geometric file formats.  We also have extensive experience modifying and enhancing existing models as well as converting models to other geometric formats.

ABRAMS Case Study Thumb
SURVICE METROLOGY was tasked by the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) to conduct an expedited target exploitation, and reverse engineering effort to produce a high-resolution geometric CAD model of an as-built ABRAMS M1A2 tank. The intended use for the detailed CAD models is for Vulnerability &...
Case Study
MRAP Cougar Reverse Engineering
SURVICE METROLOGY was tasked by the USMC, which had an urgent need/requirement to generate as-built 3-D geometric models for various MRAP vehicle variants.
Case Study
The Sphinx of Hatshepsut Case Study Image
Record detailed surface geometric models of a priceless artifact.
Case Study
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