AICON Photogrammetry System

Operating Distances From less than 1 m to hundreds of meters
Operation Indoor/outdoor
Portability Portable
Accuracy 2 µm + 5 µm/m (RMS) / 3 µm + 7 µm/m (3 Sigma)
Contact/Noncontact Contact
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Deformation Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering of Complex Surface Geometries
Unique Features

Extremely portable and can be used on stationary and non stationary articles

Spec Sheet Image icon Photogrammetry Spec Sheet (jpg)
Case Studies The Sphinx of Hatshepsut Aicon DPA-Pro System - Antenna Measurement
Presentations CMSC 2016: HawkEye SURVICE Capabilities
Equipment Photo

AICON ProPhotogrammetry