With years of experience collecting geometric data on a wide range of military and other items, we understand the processes and requirements for effective measurement.  We also have maintained familiarity with the metrology industry’s latest trends and technologies and have assembled a customized toolkit of both contact and noncontact measurement equipment and supporting software to meet our customers’ unique needs.  So, regardless of an object’s size or complexity, we have the experience and capability to measure it.

Decades of experience at solving complex metrology challenges

  • Installation of a Proton Therapy Machine by SURVICE Engineers
    Installation of a Proton Therapy Machine by SURVICE Engineers

Cutting edge contact and non-contact measurement technology, including computed tomography

  • Laser Tracker
    Laser Tracker
  • Measurement Arm
    Measurement Arm
  • Long Range Scanners
    Long Range Scanners
  • Photogrammetry
  • Computed Tomography
    Computed Tomography

Customized hardware and software solutions

  • Enhanced Coherent Laser Radar
    Enhanced Coherent Laser Radar
  • Custom Scanning Solutions
    Custom Scanning Solutions

Complex parts from a millimeter to a hundred meters!

  • Sub-millimeter Turbine Blade Cooling Holes
    Sub-millimeter Turbine Blade Cooling Holes
  • Hydroelectric Components
    Hydroelectric Components
  • Antenna Dishes
    Antenna Dishes
  • Historical Artifacts
    Historical Artifacts
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